My deep dark secret...

... is that sometimes I tell little white lies.
I usually pride myself on being a pretty honest person. I also pride myself on being a pretty nice person. Sometimes those just do not meet. It may be an outfit that my sister is wearing that I think gives her muffin top, it may be an event that I am just too exhausted to attend. The truth is often just a little harsh to escape my mouth (that top makes your perfect figure look chubby round the middle, I considered something more important than staying refreshed for your event) so... I lie sometimes.
The lie can be by omission (the truth but not the whole truth) and sometimes it can be a fabrication but the lie usually contains an essence of truth. "I think it would be better without the belt, with the shoes it's just too matchy" sounds nicer than "that belt really emphasises your roll" and illness can work as a cover for fatigue. I feel bad about those lies, but not too bad. Sometimes it really is better to lie than to hurt feelings.
When I feel really awful is when it is an out-and-out porker, a lie purely to save my own skin. It happens very rarely, and would never happen with someone I loved, but it does happen. Like today for example... ahem. Ten minutes before my shift started, I rang work to say that I had been suffering car troubles but that I would be on my way. Yeah, the trouble would be that I had been woken up from an unplanned nap by a frantic mother about twelve minutes before shift started... ooops.
So tell me Scribblettes, are there any occasions in which you think it's okay to lie? What's the biggest whopper you've ever told?


  1. I never lie....

    Ahem, ok so maybe I do. I try not to lie badly, I'll not be feeling well at work but that's because I'm sick to my stomach with worry. It's not a big lie, but it's a lie just the same.

    What are they when you feign interest? I have to do that at work, it's really hard sometimes, but I'm getting better!! =D Or maybe I'm actually interested... the lines blur...

  2. It is too funny that you mention this b/c I just told a 'white lie' on friday. I was totally exhausted and stressed from fighting with my fiancee and just didn't feel like dealing with customer service issues, so I cld into work sick. I always get nervous and I have to hype myself up to do it. I even practice my sick voice before I call. Oddly enough I always feel like I've gotten away with some big heist, even though it's not that big of a deal. I feel bad for like 15 seconds and then I get over it! lol..

  3. I often get in trouble because I'm a bit too honest - I relate to the fact that I don't like telling people things that I know would hurt their feelings unless their things I think they have a need to know. My most common white lie is the same my butt white lie! but you know what they say - nothing wrong with a little white lie....