Loves and not so much loves...

Loves: Having dinner parties with a whole bunch of friends, cooking for a crowd and making them happy.
Not so much loves: Doing the dishes for aforementioned dinner party - we're out again tonight so I couldn't leave them for StunningBuns to do when he gets home from work... he will be coming to my parents instead. I loathe doing dishes and this took me four sinkloads (for seven people and three courses, it could have been worse)
Not so much loves: The awkwardness of seeing exes at parties
Loves: I actually want to bump into Ex-S. Total commitment phobe that he is, he told me when he dumped me that it was because I wanted babies and children. He dumped the next girlfriend because at 35, her biological clock was ticking loudly. He struggled to find another girlfriend after that and went back to 35-yr-old for some booty. Guess who's going to be a daddy? The bitch in me wants to just go up to him sweet-as-pie and tell him congratulations. Thanks big guy upstairs - needed the laugh!
Loves: Stunning Buns for not thinking that my cattiness is appalling :D
Not so much loves: Feeling super-catty at the moment due to PMS... seriously, not cool.
Not so much loves: The superhungry feeling I get sometimes with the PMS - I don't want to get any bigger than I am...
Loves: Eating the remainder of the cheese ball I made... oh so yummy!
Loves: Party tonight with dear friends
Not so much loves: How the heck did it get to this time??? Four hours and I'm still at SB's house.... zipping off for now. Ciao Scribblettes!

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  1. Good look with bumping into Ex-S! There are occasions when I feel smug enough to want to bump into a particular ex for a specific reason, but then I realise that I actually don't want to see them at all and I can just privately gloat in my own little world, lol.