Literary Inspirations: Wernher von Braun on Researching

Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.
-Wernher von Braun
Okay, so Wernher von Braun doesn't count as a literary genius but he plays a key encounter character in the novel "Rocket Boys" and the movie "October Sky" so I'm saying roll with it, okay? LOL.
Werher von Braun may have been referring to the errors that he made along the way as research but I also think that the quote can be taken as research is what you do when there is something you don't know but would like to. Events just keep popping up left, right and centre lately, reminding me of the importance of researching those things that are not currently in your knowledge.
It can be something a simple as a price you need to research - by looking at multiple shops, SB was able to buy his video game for a LOT cheaper than the other prices he found. I'm quite a bargain shopper myself - I especially love outlet shops for underclothes! Bras for bigger busts can be so expensive so it's good to be able to research outlets where last season's fashion (and I don't really care about that, it's underwear!) can be about half price.
More importantly, research can help you discover how to live your best life. We changed the place we're planning to weekend at for our half-anniversary due to a spate of bad reviews. The new place couldn't be more delightful and we're even getting swedish massages right in our room! Looking forward at next year, I'm using the internet and my contacts in the teaching community as a way to research the schools I want to work at next year - there is a website in NZ available to the general public called Te Kete Ipurangi (I think that roughly translates to The Knowledge Basket) that has all Education Review Office reports on them - pointing out the positives and the warts of all New Zealand Schools. They have been incredibly interesting reading!
I consider the blogs I read research too. Some are mummy bloggers or wedding bloggers, both events I hope to experience in my life. Some are just the blogs of fantastic women too - and I feel those blogs are research on how to create a better me! What do you research, Scribblettes?

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