Week in Review - 23rd August

Hi Scribblettes,
For a week with nothing on, it sure ended up feeling busy! It's always the way, isn't it?
♥ Careers week brought on a whole host of workshops for us - teaching must be right up there in terms of having professional organisations taking care of their staff. For example, if I take time off work (once fully registered) to raise children, I move one step up the pay scale for every three years I take off. Finally a career that doesn't mummy track you!
♥ Having meet and greet interviews with the principals was a really enlightening experience - I found that I would much rather work with a principal who is really passionate about their school and found that a bit of my "tier system" that I had set up previously has been turned on its head. Still, that's kind of what this time is all about.
♥ On a more sour note, I was really disappointed with the beginning teacher expo that the school ran for us this week - I'd been lead to believe that it will be choc full of connections to resources and professional development for new teachers. The majority of the stalls were "teach in the UK" "teach in England" blah blah and so on. I have no desire to move away from my family, friends and my darling SB so coming in early to check it out was a total waste of time.
♥ In between all the teacher-y things this week was some good-quality getting back to domestic basics. I made some muffins on Wednesday, fooling around a bit with some basic recipes. I thought they were kind of average but SB gave them the thumbs up and has been having at least one a day - he either likes them or is just being sweet. I made SB a yummy lunch on Friday and mastered the art of scrambled eggs this morning (I don't eat egg - aside from in cake - at all, so had never tried to do it before)
♥ It's becoming a inside joke that my room at the parents' place is the "room where my stuff lives" - I am staying at SBs about five nights a week at the moment (and should probably start paying some kind of rent LOL). I spent some of my time on Friday clearing up the room as it really has become a drop zone for all my things as I fly through. I can imagine it being equally horrific at the end of the next five weeks when I will get a sum total of about six awake hours at my "parental storage locker" per week.
♥ Went and visited my Poppa's grave this weekend for the first time since he was buried and that was 2000 (or 2001) - it is something that I had meant to do for a long time and I'm really glad I did. There was a line on his headstone about how he was a great poppa - I didn't recall it being there - and it was good to share with SB some of the reasons why he was. It's true what they say - bodies may perish, but people live on in our hearts forever.
♥ Also this weekend, caught "District 9" (produced by NZ's own Peter Jackson) in the gorgeous La Premiere cinema seating at Sylvia Park. I'd designed the experience as a present for SB (we still do the monthly present thing) but I got just as much of a kick out of it. The whole pre-movie experience was pure class - personally escorted into the cinemas rather than fighting your way in through the crowds. Walking in, you get to see all the projectors humming away playing the movies... who knew they were still on massive reels of film? Reclining in a double recliner sofa booth, drinking coke out of a glass or a beer - a.maze.ing. The snacks that we had delivered during the movie were nothing to write home about but the movie more than made up for that. I don't often say this about movies but seriously - go out and watch it NOW. 'Tis that good.
Now it's all about snuggling in, getting an early night, keeping my eyes peeled and soaking in all I can this week - my first week at School B - getting ready for six more weeks of teaching. Tell me Scribblettes, what kicked ass this week and what was kind of lame? And don't forget, if you have any questions that you would like me to answer in my upcoming Q & A post, drop it in the comments!

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  1. Sounds jamed pack - some good and some bad. I am dying to see distric 9!
    By the way - you've been awarded an award..:)