Looking after yourself...

This blog has probably sounded like a broken record the last couple of weeks... so busy, so busy, things broken, me broken, so busy LOL. This week and next, I have the benefit of being on holiday from university (and also for the most part my job, the hours drop right back in school holidays) and I'm using the time to get my life back on track.
Big and small changes occuring in the Scribbles household. I'm moving out into my parents' internal entry garage. My abode during my teens, it gets me living at the opposite end of the house with my own private entry, making life at home far more tolerable when I'm not at SB's. For many reasons, this seems like the best option over summer so I am quite excited. However, my sister left a lot of junk behind when she moved so there's a fair amount to tackle there. This along with walks with Mama Scribs is good exercise!
Today I went and got a pedi and my brows done; after my hair cut next week (huh, just typed Hair Cute... hope it is) I think I will feel much more pulled together and professional - job interviews are hopefully just around the corner. As well as teaching position interviews, I'm currently on the look out for a job over Christmas to bring in some extra cash. I'm so picky though, and lucky that my parents are willing to pay me to be their housekeeper to cover my basic bills over Christmas. Meaning that I'm going to be staying at mine more often to be here to tidy... thus the move to the bigger, more independent summer space.
On that cyclical note, I'm off to finish tidying my room. Hope that you are managing to take time for yourself, Scribblettes!

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  1. Ahh pedicure, eyebrows done and hair style sounds good.. I think I'll do that next week.. :)