A space of one's own...

If you've read the blog for a while, you will know that I moved home temporarily in the first half of 2008 and with my mother getting ill with inflammatory breast cancer (she is currently no evidence of disease), that stay ended up getting extended rather longer than originally planned. When Mama Scribbles was sick and constantly getting hospitalised, what life was like at home wasn't so much of a drama. My room was simply a place to finish my assignments and rest my head when I wasn't up visiting mum.
Meeting SB at the start of the year made things easier. It didn't matter that my room was cramped (having half a house worth of stuff in one room is not easy) and small because I was spending a lot of time with him - home again being just a place I rested my head. With my sister moving to Christchurch in July, however, I had an option to make my space at my parents more of the haven I desired - so I've moved into the garage!
Internally accessed from the parents house and rigged with curtains, it feels just like a gorgeous studio apartment. I have room for my bed and room for a study. I'll be spending much more time here in November (when my parents go away on holiday and SB will be staying with me for once) and again over summer (where it's likely I'll be unemployed so spending more time at home) and with the weather getting warmer it was an optimal time to do it. To some of you, this might all sound a little crazy but I would love to hear stories from you all about the odd places you have made your home!


  1. I still live with my parents, in Latin families it's very common that children live with their parents until they get married. When I was in high school the 4 of us (mum, dad, sis and I) lived in a very small 3 bedroom apartment, my room doubled as an office and it was super teeny tiny and my sister's room didn't have natural light at all. Then on my senior year of hs we moved to a 3 story house in a closed neighborhood! After 5 years here it still feels huge to me. My room has a walk in closet and a dressing room and it's own bathroom. There's enough space in it to house a couch and have sleepovers with my girlfriends (8 people sleeping there is our record).

    Right now, my room is a place to rest my head. I have 14 hour school days so I use my house as a hotel.

    I totally want to move on my own when I can, maybe even go overseas.

  2. It sounds nice!

    I don't think I've lived anywhere too crazy.. A few dodgy flats when I was a teenager that were falling down around me. But that’s pretty standard, what do you expect for a 3 bedroom house for under $250. Haha