Money Money Money...

... must be funny, in a rich man's world.
I am a compulsive planner, as some of you may know (it's not exactly a secret :D) and I struggle when I come up against a wall where I can plan no further. Having looked up the ERO reports for all the high schools in the error, selected which schools I am keen to work with and having prepared CVs and subscriptions to job sites... it's now just a waiting game until those jobs become advertised. I can't stress about my registration yet - we can't apply for it until November - so my mind has turned even further ahead.
My student allowance runs out at the middle of November, leaving me to subsist purely on my work wages (which, btw, is not a lot). My work contract expires just prior to Christmas. I'm not likely to get paid from whatever teaching job I find until the second week of February. I had a mild-to-moderate panic about this last night... at least a month (and probably closer to two) with no income at all.
SB is being lovely and volunteering to help me with my bills. My parents will help out too. But part of me feels pathetic that at 24, I can't do this alone. Saving to cover the period I have off is a nice idea in theory, but I don't have enough left over at the end of the week at the moment to make a significant difference. I'd like to find a secondary job, but I need to know my end dates (i.e. when I start teaching) before I accept any work.
What it boils down to is that I need to find a teaching job for next year and then work backwards, hopefully finding some employment that can work in with that. I need to suck things up and accept the help of my parents, telling myself that this will be the last time I ever need their assistance. I need to appreciate SB's offer and let him help where he can. Most of all, I just need to focus on the here and now... let the other pieces fall into place as it comes.
Still, if anyone knows of any summer jobs...


  1. Have you thought about temping? That's what I've been doing since getting back to NZ and had a few short term roles (for a couple of weeks) before getting a longer one.

    You'll have to tell the agencies you're available for 3 months (usually that's the minimum time they consider), but most of the roles are for much less than that.

    Good luck with your job search!

  2. Urgh I know. I thought I was going to have to rely on my boyfriend to pay my rent over the Christmas break, which he insists on but which I hate accepting. Luckily, it looks like I might have a job this month that will allow me to survive until my allowance starts again, but it can get a bit panicky living hand to mouth.

  3. ah I know how you feel - temping sounds like a good idea - plus pays well.

    Student lifestyle- so sick of it.
    Hopefully you sort something out!

  4. When I successfully finishing splicing the Money Tree, I will post you out a seed :-)