The murky depths...

First of all, as an aside, apologies for the lack of blog love lately. I'm only able to access the blog at school, at work or jumping on someone else's computer - none of which is conducive to actually getting any quality time to write blog posts. I will be buying a new laptop this weekend so posts should get back to a semi-regular schedule!

Many, many thoughts running through my head this week... let these hit you or dodge them as you will.

  • Being judged gets tiring - on placement at the moment, I'm getting observation feedback after many of the classes I teach. To put this in perspective, think about your job and getting a performance appraisal two to three times a day. I respect the feedback but sometimes it just makes you wonder how fit you are to be a teacher when you still manage to get so many things not-quite-right.
  • I am exhausted. I have had a cold pretty much since I started my placement and for the most part I have just kept on chugging. I cannot wait until I am like a normal person: work-life balance is chaotic when it is work-placement-uni-life balance... and this leaves Scribbles feeling unbalanced.
  • The silver lining (well, it's more like gold lining, it's fantastic) of course is the lovely relaxing times I spend with SB. We went away to Rotorua recently to celebrate six months of being together - I never get sick of that boy. I don't get to see him tonight because I am working and I miss him. And he misses me! You know that you have something special when just being in the same place is better because the other person is there.
  • My visiting lecturer is ticking me off - he won't reply to give me a time that he is going to visit. It's driving me slightly mental.
  • Amazing - eating pineapple stops running noses... one of those crazy but true things that has stopped me plowing through my purse packs of tissues at a crazy rate.
  • I'm looking forward to spoiling myself in the holidays - pedicure, hair cut and generally gadding about with a tonne of extra time... doing lunch with the boy and absorbing myself in some big beefy books.
  • I now need to crack onto some planning for lessons tomorrow so I must bid adieu... but let me know how your weeks are going!

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