Online soonish!

Hey all,

I have my new computer - a shiny new MacBook Pro! Dad was attracted by the techy bells and whistles. However I'm having some technical glitches getting the wireless internet working at SBs house and so my time online is still fairly minimal. I'm hoping to get this sorted within the next week and be back to my regular schedule. In the meantime, if anyone can explain a little more about why his network is showing up on my comp but it won't let me access the internet on it I would love an answer!


  1. Hey, that's great! Your new machine will serve you well (I know, I have one...)

  2. possibly because he has a network key to access it? Is it asking for one? Have you got your laptop set up to access wireless networks? Sometimes there is a little switch on the side...otherwise go through the wireless set up...let me know if you need to know where it is!