A life portfolio

While I type this post, I'm also uploading files to create a professional portfolio as one of my course requirements. It's a collation of the work that I have done over the entire year and shows how I fit the required graduating teacher standards. The files can be screen shots, essays, lesson plans, images, associate reports - basically anything that answers one of the specified requirements we must fulfill for provisional registration.

Pulling out files from every corner of my computer, I've also come across a lot of other files - poetry I wrote when I was nine, a certificate my mum made me for making my first ever banana cake, photos galore and even some archived MSN conversations. A digital shaping of my life so far, one might call it.

It got me to thinking... if I had to put together a portfolio of my life, what would be in it? What standards would I have hoped to live my life by? What values are important to me and what do I want to achieve? How do I measure that I've got there? The photo above shows that I take the time to enjoy both people and places, no matter how busy I get. I took time out from working on my assignments and housework on the weekend to go for a walk with my darling SB at a favourite beach of ours (where we first started talking about our future, actually) and loved having his company in the wonderful weather that NZ switched on for us.

There are standards in my life portfolio I can meet at the moment (being a dutiful daughter, being a supportive girlfriend, etc, etc) and other standards I hope I can meet in the future (being a loving and kind mother, a conscientious home owner and neighbour). What is in your life portfolio? How do you know you've achieved the standard?

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  1. ooh I like this! I think that's part of the reason I keep a blog, so I can look back in time and think to myself - wow, was I really that much of a loser? HA!

    oh and I totally love finding old MSN convos... good times!!

    Best of luck with your portfolio! X