The darling MissB tagged me to share seven random things about myself so you lucky Scribblettes get to delve deep into my psyche today!

1. When we were young, I managed to convince my younger sister that she was adopted. She has olive skin compared to the white, white skin of my parents and I... strike 1. There's a photo of me at the hospital with Mum when I was born, ChChSis only has photos of her once she had arrived home... you get the picture. A sign of a future debate queen? Or evil?
2. I take the tomato out of my burger, yet I'm happy to eat it by itself.
3. I'm more sure than I've ever been before that what I have with SB is what I want forever and it occasionally terrifies me that I will do something to cock it up.
4. The number one reason I want to be a homeowner so I can own a dog! I'm not sure what type yet, something small and very cute. My auntie has an shi tzu with the best temperament ever so I'm leaning in that direction.
5. I cannot believe that I have almost finished my teaching diploma - it seems like yesterday that I was handing in my resignation for my marketing job, yet so much has happened in the last two years.
6. It frustrates me when the first thing people ask upon meeting me is "How's your mum?" - I sometimes get fed up with being "that chick whose mum has cancer". I want people to ask how I am, yet that makes me feel guilty.
7. Em was right, despite the ups and downs. 2009 has definitely been my year!

I tag any of you all that want to participate - leave a link in the comments to your page! Love to learn more about you.


  1. I do the same thing with tomato in a burger =]

  2. My sister tired to convince me I was adopted too lol.

    Nice hearing some random fact about you :)

  3. 2009 has definitely been your year! I am so happy for you, what you have with SB sounds beautiful and I wish you all the best and all the happiness together!

    Lots of love,


  4. It's nice to learn a litle more about you X