Nail Biting...

Thank you guys so much for your kind comments on my last post - my life certainly is a roller coaster at the moment and it means a lot that you all are holding on for the ride. Yesterday I had a mini-freakout at my computer while working on an assignment and actually started feeling tight in the chest... I obviously don't handle anxiety as well as I thought. Casting my mind back, the last time my life was this full on I was a smoker - it was definitely a crutch. I'd never smoke again but part of me wishes I could get the calm without the cancer stick.

The tension helped me knock a couple of assignments on the head yesterday which has taken a bit of the pressure off. I emailed one of the schools I applied to, asking a question that I hadn't thought of when I met them a wee while back. I found out in the reply that they took that as my interview, they had short-listed me and were checking references before making a decision. I'm hoping upon hope that I get this job - the job market is so tight right now. I'm going out next Friday with some friends to celebrate the end of my studies and it would make my day to be able to celebrate having a job for next year as well.

It's funny how quickly this time flies... and how we want it to be over. A wise friend told me yesterday "Don't wish this time away. You'll find yourself where you thought you wanted to be, longing for the past you can no longer have". So I'm embracing this hectic time of life and trying to stop and smell the roses. Have any of you Scribblettes had experience with anxiety? Do you have ideas of how to fix it or are you in favour of riding it out?


  1. I have just written down the quote from your friend and plan on taping it to my mirror before sleeping.

    What an ironic thing for me to read after a day where I have received not one, but two, very bad pieces of news that make me want to scream.

    After having just said to my friend moments ago, that I wish this time in my life would pass already - I believe the universe just willed me to read this post.

    So from one stranger to another -
    Thank you.

  2. Hugs! freak outs are no fun.
    When I get anxious, I get sick to my stomach and it's so hard to get rid of.
    Sounds like things might be picking up though - best of luck for the job!

    i must take you advice too. Must stop and smell roses....