A change of address... temporarily?

As those of you who follow me on Twitter will have gathered, Mama Scribs has a cancerous lymph node. We originally thought that she would only have to have radiation (like a bad sunburn) but this is not possible (for more info as to why, see here). Instead she gets to go through chemo (like the worst food poisoning ever) which has not been a good experience for her at all. She was constantly prone to infections and ended up in the hospital multiple times during chemo due to her immune system having an EPIC fail.
How on earth does this link with a change of address? I'm working over the summer in a mall and hopefully starting a teaching job at the end of January at a high school. There's one thing that both these places have in common... loads of people. And where there are loads of people? Loads of germs. Scribbles waltzes into the house absolutely knackered, grabs a glass out of the cupboard, turns on the tap, fills the glass and wanders off. Mama Scribbles comes in, turns on tap... ba-bow. It seems ridiculous but compromising someone who has no immune system is that easy. Easiest solution? Scribs needs to get the heck out of Dodge (whatever that means).
Seeing I spend a significant amount of time there already, the easiest solution seems to be to move in with SB (plus he wants me there!). Part of me is really nervous about it - what if seeing me those extra couple of times a week drives him crazy? LOL. The saner part of my mind knows that it's just what we had planned to do next year, a little earlier. I can look at it as an opportunity to make sure we can do this, without the financial commitment of finding a flat together: we don't know that we want to stay living on his parents' property next year and might take it as an opportunity to "try-before-we-buy" in a different town.
So as well as assignments and career thoughts occupying my head, I'm already starting to plan a list of what I will move - big furniture will stay with the parental Scribbles for now. Within the month, Scribbles will be becoming a country girl (a handy ten minute drive from town LOL) and a live-in-girlfriend. Follow me on the journey!


  1. Wow. What an emotional rollercoaster for you!

    I have a feeling everything will go really well. Enjoy the process my dear xxx

  2. Wow that's a lot to be going through right now. Best wishes for all to go well.

    The new living arrangements will be an adjustment but I'm sure you;ll do fine. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Wow, best wishes for the move and of course, I hope your Mum's treatment and recovery are as uneventful and easy for her as these things can be :)

  4. Looks after yourself honey! It seems it's all getting heavy for you right now. xx

    Best of luck with moving in with your man, it's always a great test of a relationship, I'm sure you two will sail through smoothly :) xx