And so it begins, my summer of underemployment. Don't get me wrong, I currently have two jobs that I'm squeezing in together to ensure I have a decent cashflow. But the spans of days are currently mine and it's just the nights that are cluttered. It seems counterproductive to the life I want to have - with time for friends and family - but everything is manageable for a finite time.

What do I hope for in this season of underemployment? I want to make the best use of my days, doing lunches with SB and some of my friends. I want to use the time fruitfully to go through the stuff that I have and decide what will come to SBs with me and what will stay. I want to bake treats and give them to friends and family. I want to plan Christmas menus so together as a family we can implement them and show Mama Scribbles an awesome Christmas that she doesn't have to put any effort into. I want to buy decorations for SB and my first christmas tree. I want to remember even in the midst of retail madness the spirit of Christmas, laughter, and love.

Too much to ask?

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  1. hmm sounds like it will be interesting. let me know how it goes.