An unearthly cry...

Struggling to wind down after a long drive home to the parents last night, I didn't end up getting to bed until around half past twelve. Lying in my bed, in the converted garage, I could hear this odd moaning warble. As much as I tried, I couldn't work out where it was coming from. I went into the lounge and asked my mum to help me investigate.

Sneaking outside in her t-shirt nightie, she couldn't hear a thing. I declared that I had probably actually snapped, that I was clearly having a psychotic hallucinogenic breakdown and was going back to bed. All this excitement had understandably got me re-amped and I lay in bed slowly drifting back to the land of Nod as the numbers slowly ticked past on the alarm clock.

1:45 am


I jumped out of bed and flicked the light on - this was really starting to bug me. I whipped back the curtain to find my parents' cat staring at me through the window. Gaaaaawaaaaahgaaaaaburbleowwwwww - right to my face. This cat had recently had steroid shots for a medical condition which seems to make her both schizophrenic and shed like crazy. Combine this with my allergy to cats and the fact that I was the only one still awake - I was stuck. I set up an obstacle course that would direct the cat to the lounge and opened the external door, approaching the cat with a handful of towel - I didn't want to get her hair on me.

She sprinted off! I stood at the door, stamping my feet. I lifted my fist and cursed in the general direction of the neighbouring property that the cat had escaped to. Closing the door, I disassembled the obstacle, flicked off the light and crawled back into bed.



Pillow over head. Good Night.

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  1. Gargh. Moaning cats spook me. Back at mum's house there were several cats that made horrible noises when they were on heat and getting up to hanky pankiness...