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SB and I are blessed to have welcomed another member to our household... a Nintendo Wii!

I always thought that the premise on which a Wii operates sounded like my gaming console - I don't get these PS3 basketball games where you play with an ordinary controller (sorry SB!). But swinging a controller at the telly to play tennis? Yes please! The price was a bit hard to justify on a student wage, however I looked at it.

Midway throught 2009 I started discussing it with SB. We tossed around him buying it as a Christmas present for me but the price was a bit high seeing as I couldn't reciprocate. Mum asked closer to Christmas whether we were going to get it as she could get a free Wii Fit Bundle off her loyalty programme. I'd already bought SB's Christmas presents - what was a girl to do?

Next February and March, we have Valentines Day, both our birthdays and our anniversary falling within a month - potentially quite an expensive month for the two of us (we do like to spoil each other). So we decided to buy the Wii jointly as an early birthday presents for each other - making the best use of a free Wii Fit bundle and reducing how much we spend in Feb/March next year.

It is amazing! I'm usually a girl who doesn't like to get sweaty but when I'm doing it in the privacy of my own house doing crazy hula hooping or yoga, time can just slide by. We're both totally loving it! Best birthday presents ever (even if they're a couple of months early :D)

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  1. The Wii always sounded fun to me, tempted but I don't know if it would ever hold my attention. My sister is really keen for one, if she ever gets one I might try try hers out and see how we go.

    Plus like you my student wage could never justify it. Sounds like you found a good way to get one though! Hope you have lots of fun with it!