Christmas Time!

Isn't it laughable that on my "holiday", I am busier than ever? I knew that working in fashion retail was never going to be the easiest way to spend Christmas but, like childbirth, I think the body operates to make you forget just how difficult it is. I have aching ankles - dress code requires us to wear ballet flats and I have a tendency to overpronate, bruises where I don't even remember crashing into things (and a couple where I do remember rather painfully backing into a clothes rack) and just on Monday I stood on the pin end of a security tag then stood bleeding into my shoe for another half hour until the customer rush died down. As well as that, I've been baking up a storm as part of Christmas gifts and generally trying to get the everyday household work completed.

That's not to say that life hasn't been fun. I had a few of the girls around last Friday (while SB was at the Green Day concert) and we had a quiet night of drinking wine, eating snacks and watching Love Actually. The following night was SB's work do and it was great to finally put faces to all the names I'd heard - and the Christmas comedy show was fantastic. I had a farewell lunch put on for me at work and it was a lovely way to spend part of my day off yesterday. I cooked and cooked and cooked some more last night and not only did I have the assistance of my lovely SB but then he and the boys did all the washing up.

Life has been busy - excessively so, it sometimes seems. Christmas Day appears to be no exception, with SB and I spending time with our respective families in the mornings, going out with his extended family for lunch and then finishing the food orgy at my parents later on in the evening. No huge Christmas piss ups for me as I'm working the Boxing Day Sales - I don't know if it is as big overseas as it is here, but it's comparable to the States' Black Friday. Having only one shift next week is a blessing (however poor it makes me) - I desperately need the time to catch up on some rest.

I'm not sorry that I made the choices that I did for this Christmas (working, two Christmases in one day) because I feel that they were the right ones. Work allows me some semblance of financial stability, Christmas with families is an important priority for SB and I, as is spending Christmas with each other. I'm looking forward to going to midnight mass with SB tonight, even though I'm going to need some serious caffeine to get through it. But I can't deny that just a tiny little piece of me will be glad when things finally wind down. Roll on 5th of January and a return to a regular bloggy schedule.

To those of you who are as hectic as I am and those of you who are relaxing over your RSS readers with a chamomile tea, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a 2010 that brings you just a little bit more of your heart's desire.

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