Random acts of kindness and other stuffs...

A week has passed since my last blog post- didn't quite mean for it to take that long and had a brilliant vlog set up, only to lose track of my video cable. So please accept my profuse apologies and enjoy the recap of the week that was...

  • I found out I can still apply for teacher registration even if I don't yet have a position. Unfortunately, we need a letter of completion and the university hasn't yet loaded the marks into the system for us to appear eligible to graduate - I hate paperwork of the legal kind
  • Speaking of, SB and I are seriously thinking of holding off on purchasing a house for a few years. It's a novel take on the kiwi mentality that everyone should own their own homes but we're experimenting with different ways to reach our dream. Right now, SB would have to get a significant pay rise to allow me to comfortably stay home with future children and in this economy we don't know how likely that is. We're going to reassess at this time next year and again the year after that. We would like to own eventually, but may not do it in the most "normal" order.
  • SB and I are like small kids waiting for Christmas - we've bought each other's presents and now we are dying to know what they are! We're getting our tree this weekend and are so looking forward to it! We'd contemplated getting it last weekend but between work and the weather it didn't happen.
  • Random act of kindness - today SB and I have been dating for nine months and for the most part it has been awesome! So this morning when his alarm went off and he jumped in the shower, I went crazy in the kitchen and whipped him up some scrambled eggs and bacon. He was so happy, even more so because he didn't sleep well last night. Funny how $5.90 for bacon and eggs can be worth so much more.
  • Working in retail is absolutely killing my legs - my knees certainly aren't what they were when I was in my teens (and before my scooter accident) and my circulation leaves something to be desired too. Glad I'm only doing it til mid-Jan... fairly sure the amount of ibruprofen I'm kicking back isn't good long term.
  • Also, working in a bra and knicker shop is awful sometimes - it's like being on a diet in a chocolate factory. Hoping to pick up a couple of things next week though!
  • Still no news on the teaching job front. No jobs to apply for either. I'm feeling zen about it at the moment - however, that is liable to change :D I think the loving being housewifey is helping the zen, as is having bachelorette parties to plan.
  • Had a lovely couple of hours with the bride on Saturday doing a dress rehearsal. She now has her veil and shoes so it was an opportunity to see it all on together - and for me to practice lacing the back of the dress! How her hubby is going to manage to get her out of it, I have no idea!
  • Desperately want to craft but don't have any supplies - think a trip to Spotlight is in order! If my plans turn out stunning, I'll definitely show you all my handiwork!
What were the highlights and lowlights of your week, Scribblettes?

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  1. Aw your so sweet making your man breakie.

    Sounds like your taking a good approach to things all round, i wish you luch in all your endevours (I am trying to be zen too)

    Hope you legs are feeling better, retail is a bitch!