To dos...

Is there anyone else struggling with the fact that there are fifteen days until Christmas? My brain is somehow struggling to compute this - it may have something to do with SB sleeping like a vibrator last night... I swear, I wake up in the middle of the night and his legs are jiggling frantically. If it had been his whole body then he probably would have been having a seizure and that would have been more concerning than annoying. Instead, after vainly attempting to pin his legs down I end up on the edge of the bed where the vibrations feel less like a tacky coin-operated bed in Vegas. But I digress... but I also feel like the end of the year has been about so many things other than Christmas (up to this point) that it seems only now I'm realising how close we are - lucky I only have two more presents to get! The thought of getting presents also makes me think about what else is left on my "to do" list for 2009. I'm sure I'll be popping back to edit this list as I think of more, but it means that all my darling readers who follow me on Twitter can harrass me about the completion of my tasks!
  • Buying Christmas Tree and Decorations for our first Christmas - woo hoo! - DONE!
  • Making my Christmas chocolates and creating the yummy food parcel for my cousin and her partner for Christmas
  • Finish writing Christmas cards (these were the ones that are not going to be posted which leads to...)
  • Arranging to see close friends one last time before the big Christmas diaspora - DONE!
  • Buying the Christmas presents for Ms B and ChChSis
  • Buying 2 x bras and 4 x briefs - my underwear drawer is looking pathetic at the moment. In progress - 2 briefs so far!
  • Enjoying Christmas Day with family
  • Surviving both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day in retail
  • Staying current with my vibration training programme, making sure I exercise while the gym is closed for Christmas/New Year
  • Spending more time in large water bodies of some kind - when we were swimming on Wednesday night, SB asked me the last time I had been swimming. I couldn't remember. Isn't that sad?
Seeing it all down in a list always makes me feel less stressed and ready to tackle everything. Does list making work for you, Scribblettes?

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  1. oooo great list! I love writing lists, it makes things seem more achievable!

    I hear you on the stress of Christmas! It's all too much! It also seems to be the time that everyone wants to catch up... argh! too much!

    Best of luck with your list, and vibrating lover ;) hehe