Would you be interested...

*UPDATE on last post - we didn't get the house. Now please continue...*

After thinking on it for a while and running the idea past Alla in one of our little chats, I'm almost courageous enough to set up a monthly feature on this blog. I need to know, however, that it's something you guys would welcome and that would interest you. It's something I'm a little bit nervous about but it's a big part of my personal goals for this year and so I need some support if I'm going to make this public.

So...would you be interested in a monthly feature on my weight loss progress? I have a substantial amount to lose and I feel that you all would be able to keep me accountable. To me, it's also about honesty, having the photos and saying the numbers means that I can't hide behind the fact that I dress well - the weight I am is just not the weight for a healthy Scribble. When I feel lazy about exercise, I would feel that not doing it would disappoint you all.

I don't want this to become a weight-loss blog, so the posts would be monthly - what are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I think you need to do what you feel comfortable with. If you feel that sharing this part of your life is something you would be happy to do and it would make you feel accountable to a greater extent, than I'd say it would have to be a positive step. Maybe if blogging about it doesn't seem to gel with what you feel you want your blog to be about, you could set up a section in your side bar... a progress type thing. Alternatively, a good way to approach blogging about this sort of topic could be to share what you're doing through posts like healthy food recipes, or exercise ideas.. that sort of thing? From my own experience, I've found, on treslola i'm no good talking about me... but there are often parts of whats going on in my life that I want to share... so I've sat down and thought about how I could share my experience without telling my own story ... some of my best posts have come from this sort of place (hello, 'no really, he's just not that into you' ..and 'it's really is called a break up because its broken'). Whatever you choose to do, you know I'll be along for the ride <3

  2. Yeh, do it. I should really do the same thing. Who better than the blogging community to support and encourage you =]

  3. If it will help you, then definitely. Extra support and accountability can only be a good thing!

    And if a group develops with other bloggers doing the same thing, then sign me up too :)

  4. Do it! Right now I'm trying the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels but I don't know how to share it on my blog. I think that I'll just do a report when I finish it.

    Like Kate said, find how you're most comfortable sharing that part of yourself and just do it!

  5. Sorry again you didn't get the place:( hopefully something comes up. If it's something you want to do and you're just looking for the green light - go for it! I will read it :D

  6. I agree with Kate, do what your comfortable with. I admire yu for considering making your goal so public! It will really help you with motivation though, and support too! We will all be barracking for you and keen to see how you progress! Maybe other's (such as myself) who are keen to shed some weight will be able to contribute tips, what works for them etc through comments.

    Good luck hun, I know you can do it!