A weighty subject - January


My pseudonym is Scribbles and I weigh 107 kgs (that's around 236 pounds).

I'm not going to say that the weight disgusts me, that I never feel gorgeous or beautiful - that simply wouldn't be true. I dress well, I love that I have a curvy figure and I'm lucky to have a boyfriend that would cherish me at any size.

The one thing I cannot get away from is that 107kgs, even on a 5 foot 9 frame (or roughly 175cm) is not a healthy weight to be. I put myself at risk for obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes and I do my PCOS no favours by being this weight either. SB and I would like to have kids some day and my weight is definitely a barrier to this.

My goal this year is to get my weight down to 87kgs - 192 pounds - by December 20. That means a loss of 20 kgs over the year, which I feel is a realistic goal. Of course, if I lose more, I will be rapt! But this is my SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) and will be my driving force this year.

So, at the risk of fatty-boombastic jibes from the internet, this is the way I look now. No artful layering, no cleavage-showing tops or maxi-dresses to catch the eye... this is as close to naked as I am prepared to get on the interwebs.

I could make all sorts of excuses for the way that I look in these shots - I had a stomach bug over the weekend and I feel bloated, it's horrid lighting, it's terrible camera angles... the reality is this that the camera doesn't capture what isn't there.

So what am I doing about it? For the rest of January and the beginning of February:
  • I'm on an alcohol detox, bar special occasions (this will be one of my bestie's hens nights, the 7th of Feb and on Valentines Day).
  • I will Wii Fit or walk every day and will endeavour to do both whenever possible, adding up to a daily activity level of one hour.
  • I love my salty fatty fried food but will keep consumption down to once a week, trying to eat as widely as possible and reducing my carb intake.
  • Today and tomorrow, I will be following a largely fruit and vegetable diet to get my gut back to normal after this bug I have just had.

So as you can see, no huge changes... just a lot of little ones to keep me on the right track. Stay tuned for the next monthly update of "A weighty subject" and see how I do!

If anyone would like to join me on this voyage of honesty, and making 2010 the year that you do something about your weight, the year you become accountable for your health, let me know in the comments. Steal the badge at the top of this page and post your own blog! Know I'll be there for you 100%!


  1. That sounds like a very reasonable plan, best of luck!

    Have you thought about doing a post about dressing for your shape? You must be a master at it - if someone had asked me to guess your weight I would have been under by at least 20kg!

  2. Good on you! Small steps is the way to lose weight safely and keep it off. I went on a crazy exercise binge a few years back and coupled it with minimal eating. I lost 14kg in one year and felt pretty good, but much of it has crept back on in recent years. Now, I'm less worried about the finer points and looking at weight loss as a larger (no pun intended) goal. I've lost 4 of the 12kg I want to lose, but am determined to do it slowly this time and keep it off.

  3. Bravo! I look forward to following your journey. Big props for having the bravery to do this!

  4. @ Bridey - Thanks! I might just do that. I think that I usually do dress quite well for my size. It almost killed me wearing those tight unflattering clothes for a pic
    @ Cafe Chick - Yes, I want this to be a lasting change so I think small steps are definitely the way to go
    @ Charlie - Thanks for the support!

  5. It sounds like a very good plan you have there.

    I'm not very overweight, but I want to keep my weight under control because I have PCOS too. Right now I'm 55 kg and 5'3", I want to stay between 50 - 52 kg and that's my weight goal for the year. Keep my weight in control, eat more veggies and exercise (The 30 Day Shred was the best workout choice to start).

    I wish you a lot of success in achieveing your goal (or as we say here ¡Mucho éxito!).

  6. @Julie - yes, it is definitely important for us girls with PCOS to try and keep in a healthy range. Best of luck in your endeavours!

  7. Good for you! This sounds like a great plan. And as Charlie said, big props on your courage, too. :)

    I completely agree with Bridey, as well - you should do a post on dressing for your shape. I think you look fantastic - kind of like Nigella, all lovely curves, slim waist, shiny dark hair and perfect skin!

    A xx

  8. @Andrea - you are just too sweet for words :) Don't think that my weight loss will stop me getting vanilla chai with you when I'm down there next. I'm starting to seriously contemplate a series of "Dressing a curvy figure - the everyday girl"

  9. I'm a bit heavier than you & an inch shorter! So I know how you feel. This is my goal for the year too, so I will give you as much support and encouragement as I possibly can :) Good luck!

  10. Good luck darlin'! I'm sure you're more then capable and having a supportive partner really helps.. Having an entire support team on the internet helps hehe. I'll look forward to your next update x