Clumsy doesn't even start to describe it...

If you have noticed my relative quietness on the blogosphere this week and do not follow me on Twitter, you may be wondering what is going on at ScribblesHQ. I've injured my left hand and thus all typing has to be done one-handedly, a very slow process. I am still reading your blogs (yay for it not being my dominant hand) but find it difficult to comment.

What great feat of daring was I completing when I injured myself? None. I don't even know precisely what is wrong with it yet. But about 36-odd hours ago, heading home from the Arts Centre, I went to release my hand brake... and my poor left ring finger has been in agony ever since. Bizarre, right? I have a doctor appointment this afternoon so I'll know more then.

In the meanwhile, please bear with me that my posts are sporadic and short. I'm sure I'll be back to my usual verbose nature in no time.


  1. ooh feel better soon!

    and, since i finally got around to following you on twitter and read your updates... CONGRATS on the job! you were just commenting on my career post about how hard it was and now you've done it! YAY!!!!


  2. OUCH oh no that is weird!!! I hope you heal like a wolverine x

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. Get well soon, my love!! :)