Now I am rich...

No, unfortunately I haven't won the lotto... wouldn't that be nice? But since I established myself as a relief teacher I've been earning more on average per week than I did in my previous incarnation as a marketing and PR assistant. Compared to my student wages it really has been "OMG that is soo much money". I will freely admit that I am not used to it. And now that I have gained a full-time position until the end of the year, that sort of money will be coming in on a regular basis. Part of me is still goggled eyed at the money that arrives in my bank account (doesn't help I get paid fortnightly so it is an even larger number) but part of me knows I have to take action with this cash - spend it wisely if you will.
Talking with SB, we have decided on three major priorities I will focus on this year:
1) Getting my bank accounts back on track - embarrassed to admit it but my holiday job did not prvide me with the income that I had hoped for over the summer break. I had also made the assumption that I would get a teaching job that started Term 1. First goal (to be accomplished in the next two months) is to get all accounts sitting back in the black.
2) Overseas holiday - yes, SB loves me so much he's willing to hop on a plane with me again. The last couple of years have been rough for me with study and Mama Scribbles' illness and so we plan on laxing out on a South Pacific island for five days or so - Rarotonga is currently winning in the destination stakes and we're finding it likely that we will have to go in July, so plans will have to be made shortly.
3) New car - well, new old car. An automatic transmission so that commuting is not such a pain in the ass. I think that SB would like this to come before the holiday, but we compromise. It will still be happening before the end of the year.
So I'm socking cash away for that, plus for an emergency fund. But I do want to enjoy some of this cash, so how do I reconcile these lofty goals with having fun? I weigh up what I'm going to buy against the enjoyment that it will give me. This morning was a bad morning - I mean, a really bad morning. So I splurged on a mocha from the cafe at work and the effect it had on me was absolutely worth the "unnecessary" $4. Buying clothes that make me feel confident and professional, buying extra food so we can provide a great (and responsible) party experience for our friends this weekend, shouting my boyfriend dinner when I get my first full-time paycheck - all feel good options and as long as I keep maintaining steady progress towards my goal, I'm happy. Your thoughts, Scribblettes?


  1. I, too, have been spending more recently on socialising - two of my best friends are off overseas next month and I won't be seeing them for quite some time. That, and the occasional drink spent catching up with old classmates and other people who I think it's important to keep in touch's worth the few dollars IMO.

  2. Budgets are a pain in the butt!!! There. I said it. =P

    I think your goals are fantastic. It's so good to have something to work too.

    I don't have goals quite so explicit, I want to save money and pay off my house. I'd also like to get to Peru with the other half, so maybe the money will go there.

    My budget is my weekly/fortnightly spend. I give myself a set amount, and try my darndest to keep to it. The last few weeks have been a fail. But once May starts, it's "save like crazy" time :)

  3. new clothes are a total MUST HAVE for a new job. go shopping pronto!

    congrats on the job again! xxx