Ms. Scribbles went on a rampage this afternoon...

I was so unimpressed. This class is continually badmouthing each other - it's not an exaggeration to say that I hear them insulting each other every two minutes... at least. They may only be thirteen but it's really horrible stuff. Since when did it become socially acceptable to call someone a homo, a faggot, a lezzo? Who told these kids that it was okay to use retard and handicap as insults rather than descriptors of legitimate medical conditions? In what universe is it okay to yell across the classroom that someone is a f**king c**t?

Why does it take until high school for these kids to be coached into appropriate classroom behaviour? I know I took over a class that had a crap teacher but it is just beyond me how some of these kids have absolutely no concept of teamwork and respect. New goal for two of my classes - building them into useful humans by the end of the year. If they learn some English along the way, awesome.


  1. Yikes! You poor thing! Without sounding all ''back in myyyyy daaaaaaay..'', teenagers of today seem so much more volatile and scary than what I think they used to be. (They're certainly a lot more so than from what my friends and I used to be like!)

    Good luck, Scribbles!

  2. Those are certainly noble efforts!

    When I was still wanting to be a teacher, that was one of the reasons for my choice. It's unacceptable how kids behave & I wonder if their parents ever taught them manners!