Word of the month: Pamper

Slightly late this month but I was having difficulty coming up with a word - feeling so run down at the moment that anything that required huge amounts of effort (on my part) to create personal change seemed impossible. This term is a week longer than other teaching terms and while that may not sound like a lot more work, trust me that it is.

I'm not as fit as I want to be and I'm suffering from the first-year-teacher issues of catching every single bug that the great unwashed (sorry, students) have going round. Add to that the stress of teaching in a school where kids are not brought up to value respect and discipline and you have one very flat Scribble. A wonky scribbled line if you will.

So the word of the month is pamper. I'm not pushing myself to do anything that I'm not obliged to. I will take the time to do things this month that I may not in other months. By the end of the month I will:

  • Go to sleep each night when I want to, not when I've finished the billion and one chores. SB has been doing a great job of picking up some of the slack when I have been sick and he will be on board with this also
  • Leave school by 5pm every day - marking, reports, emails be damned
  • Find a good multi-vitamin or a Vitamin D supplement to support the B Vitamins I currently take
  • Have a haircut - currently deciding on whether to colour or not
  • Get a manicure and pedicure in a salon
  • Get a massage - can get these cheap through one of the teachers at school
  • This will be the difficult one - Attempt to take on no more than five commitments (in the next three weeks) that I have not committed to already.
  • Take the time to see the doctor if I get any more ill, even if it means taking time out from work.
I think that sometimes it is hard to take ownership of the fact that we require our own sanity. Our world we live in requires that we do more, be more, work harder, party harder, be social, be amazing... sometimes we just need to stop and enjoy what we have, even if it is a cup of home-brewed coffee on the couch with our men. And instead of going and sitting in a cold gymnasium, that's what I am about to do.

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