Long weekend...long shopping list.

It's a long weekend here in wee old NZ and it's sure living up to the name "Land of the long white cloud". On the upside we've managed to get up to date on a lot of the shopping we needed to do but the malls are packed and anything that required using a fitting room got postponed until there is a bit more room to breathe in the mall.

  • New boots (Number 1 Shoe Warehouse) - not sure whether this store is NZ exclusive. Great place for cheap shoes - doesn't hurt so much when they need resoling after one season. Take note, Hannahs, your fall-apart shoes should be half the price.
  • New sheets - this winter has felt sooooo cold and the only flannelette sheeting we had was a hot pink sheet set from my early uni days. A little emasculating for SB. Two new sets of suitably gender neutral sheet sets on sale for 60% off.
  • New hairbrush - was cleaning out my hairbrush the other day and realised I couldn't remember when I purchased it. I'm sure that there is a life cycle for these sorts of things... does anyone know? Anyway, bought a new "ionic grooming" brush - have no idea how these things work but my hair looked smoother :)
  • Two cans of dry shampoo - my hair goes on the fritz if it's washed more than two times a week but sometimes you want to look polished and fresh. Batiste to the rescue :)
  • Bike lock - needed a keyless solution to locking the gate on our driveway. Ghetto-fabulous combination bike chain to the rescue :)
  • SB purchased some headphones for use with his iPhone - we ended up choosing some from the Skullcandy line I first heard about on NubbyTwiglet.com
  • I bought a new keyring - my old one bit the dust and spat my keys everywhere. New one is gorgeous, with just a little bit of bling and a hidden compact mirror.
The one thing that has been an epic fail so far is trying to find decent winter dresses. I'd hoped to get a couple for our Christchurch sojourn but it seems that in NZ you need to dress more masculine if you are heading to cold climates. I had such high hopes for this dress but it made me look completely chestless - and let's face it, it's one of my finer features.

May the search continue... have any of my Scribblettes got the down-low on where to find winter dresses? My only requirements are long sleeves, black or jewel colours and flattering to a larger bust. Let me know!


  1. Agreed, Hannahs are overpriced!

    I too want a winter dress, but really don't know where to look (Have never bought anything from ezibuy, although I've been tempted...)

  2. if it's cold there already, I'm going to freeze my arse off in August, aren't I?

    hmm... must buy even more thermals. lol.

  3. Oh my god, I have had my hairbrush...FOR EVER. Like I remember having it when I still lived at home and I moved out like, 7 years ago..so at least that long. I have bought several new ones in between but none of them feel quite how I like them to. It sounds weird to be so picky about a hairbrush- but they just don't agree with me!