Now is the winter of our discontent...

Made glorious by... not much. I guess that the only thing that makes it glorious is that I still have a fantastic boy who will love me even though I was "groaning like a man" in my sleep.

You may have noticed blog post tapering off on the site... the only excuse I have is that we have been going through a particularly difficult time in the Scribbles household. While our love is strong, the past few weeks have gone to show that our bodies are not. We were both extremely ill upon our return from our holiday and while I came right fairly quickly, SB did not. He has had a chest infection that has dragged on for weeks. I enjoyed a week of good health before falling and injuring my foot in we would later find out was a sprain of all the muscles running down my foot to my ankle.

A week's worth of wearing really fugly sneakers and the foot was finally on the mend (despite spending a substantial amount of time on my feet at school teaching) and what's this? Mr Sniffles. Nobody likes a Mr Sniffles. Off work and off to the doctors today... thoroughly sick and tired of being sick and tired. I ended up with the older doctor of the practice (I swear he must be about eighty) and bullied him into giving me some blood tests so I can identify anything that is keeping me so low in health and spirits.

Expect more from the Scribbles household when we have better news to report.


  1. Get better soon, both of you !

  2. Get well soon! It seems like I get at least 3-4 colds a year in recent years. :/

  3. bullying the elderly ftW!

    hope this streak is at its end.

  4. Oh no, sounds miserable. I hope you're both feeling better soon!