I am a fool or a flamingo...

I'm not sure what makes me do it... perhaps I am part flamingo. When I am sitting on the couch or in office chairs I tuck one of my feet up underneath me... a half-lotus position if you will. Usually this leads to nothing more than a numb foot or a case of pins and needles. Usually.

Yesterday, after checking my emails in the morning, I needed to get the computer packed away. My favourite place to work during the holidays is on the couch - I have a sway-back so this is the post supportive position for me. Flicked my foot out... oooh that's a bit numb... walk it off. Take a step... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Somehow with the numbness of my foot I hadn't realised that my toes were actually under the rest of the foot. Like trying to walk en pointe without the ballet shoes or the awareness that it was what I was actually doing. Fell over sideways with my right arm in the year holding my laptop aloft (can't hurt the electronic baby). Got up and walked it off... put my socks and boots on and headed out to do what I needed to that day. Bit sore, but OK.

Last night, got home and took my boot off. Rookie mistake. Big fat swollen foot right now with a healthy side serving of pain. Bandaged it up and got on with my day... no rest for the wicked.

I wish I could say that this sort of injury was rare... unfortunately, not so much. And as I sat down to write this blog post I realised that I had automatically popped my uninjured foot underneath me. Think this plants me firmly in the 'fool' camp.


  1. I did the same thing several years ago except when I fell I landed my lard arse on top of my foot and broke a bone in it. Plaster for 6 weeks! But like you, I haven't learnt my lesson and still regularly make like a flamingo :P

    Hope your tootsie feels better soon

  2. I can't stop laughing haha sorry to laugh at your accident but the way you write about it is so funny hahaha! I sit in silly positions a lot too I can't help it I sit in the position "childs pose" <- if you know yoga, while watching TV!
    only when my boyfriend is not around...

    haha x