I like the way you mo-ove!

Things are all in a flurry at the Scribbles Homestead. The time has simply flown since we made our decision to move and we're currently in the last phases of packing before the big shift happens on Friday. I'm lucky that work has been incredibly lenient and giving me a short day on Thursday and Friday off completely - being a teacher usually means that annual leave is taken when students are on holiday.

It's awkward to live in a half-packed state - we have to leave some of the packing until the last minute because we are still using the items. I have big respect for bloggers like Andrea and Jen who have managed international moves... we're busy just trying to move down the street. It has been good to revisit our new place and plan where everything will go. We realised that the wardrobes actually have some amazing shelving units on and can really see how suitable the place will be for us in summer - we love to entertain!

This past weekend hasn't been without drama. My sister lives at the Burnham Military Camp outside of Christchurch and had just got home from Friday night clubbing when the earthquake hit. She is fine and their house has maintained structural integrity but they were without power until Sunday night. Combine that with some well-meaning but annoying interference from the FMIL... can't wait until Sunday morning when we're relaxing in our new place!

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  1. Good luck with your move! We're due to be moving into our new place the same weekend, looking forward to Sunday night when everything should be sorted :)

    Glad to hear your sisters OK, it must have been horrible being so close to the epicentre.