New house love...

SB and I moved into our new house a week ago. While there were multiple hitches with the move (including being without phone for four days and internet for over a week), it's been amazing how quickly this little place has felt like home. There's definitely been some interesting moments - SB discovered how quick the little nut-like pods from a tree whoosh out the side of the mower. I came down with asthma and bronchitis so became very familiar with the view from our lounge. We've both discovered the limits of our wee kitchen but have managed to squeeze everything in.
I've been trying to figure out why this place feels more like home, so soon after we've moved in. I've come up with three reasons.
1. This is our second house together. Post first move we were still trying to figure out the jigsaw of living together FOR REALS. This time our routines are all sorted, we know what goes where and I'm more ready to relinquish the reins of getting everything sorted.
2. There's a school over our back fence and we're not next to a Housing New Zealand project. It's been nice on my sick days to look out over nice green sportsfields and see kids go mental on the playground. Having neighbours who own their properties mean that they are much more likely to be friendly to us. I was amazed to arrive home one day last week and have the next-door neighbours daughter yell "Hi" from the balcony.
3. We know our landlord, she trusts us and we pretty much have free reign over what we want to do with the place (within reason of course). It made the move in process so much easier!
Whatever the reason, we're really pleased with our little home. We're having a small dinner party this weekend and then a bigger bash in November (hopefully better weather) to warm our wee house but it's feeling pretty snug and cosy already!


  1. Hello darling! It's been so long since we commented on each other's blogs! Congrats on the move and lovely to hear from you!