I will choose to love you...

Today at work we were talking about the difference between teen and adult relationships - our teens think that once the spark is gone, it's all over. They don't realise the difference between lust and love and they certainly don't understand the importance of your partner being your best friend.

With all this in mind, I was driving home and the Stan Walker song "Choose you" came on over the radio. It's certainly not the first time I've heard it (and if you are an Aussie or a Kiwi, I'm sure you've heard it multiple times too) but it was the first time the lyrics struck me... you find profound wisdom in the oddest moments.

Cuz when love starts out
It's all peachy
I love you, you love me seems easy
It's like a walk in the park
But sometimes it takes an act of my will
And a walk in a park turns to uphill
But I promise to give you my heart

Sometimes being in a relationship really is stars-in-your-eyes, roses and puppies carrying mint-chocolate. I know SB and I definitely have those moments. But we also sometimes have those moments that are crappy. We aren't huge fighters but it would be lying to pretend that we don't have moments in which... well... we're kind of jerks to each other. Like babies, when we're tired, hungry or cold, we get cranky.

I will choose to love you, yeahh
Even though I wanna stay mad
Even though I wanna get angry
Though it may be easier to walk away
I will choose to stay
I choose you, I choose you, yeahh
I choose youu
I choose you everyday
I choose you

This was the line that almost made me cry. This is what good relationships are. Waking up in the morning, rolling over and looking at your partner and going "I choose you. I choose to love you today". And choosing that same person to love every day, no matter what happens.

SB, I choose to love you today, tomorrow, always.


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  1. I definitely believe in the whole 'being best friends' thing. It is SO important. You won't always have eternal butterflies, stomach flips or non stop amazing honeymoon sex.
    But you will have your best friend, someone who knows you inside and out, someone who still loves you despite that!

    In real life, times can get tough and it's about being dedicated to each other. Growing together, being a loving team - not growing apart or living separate lives to avoid the tough stuff.

    Great post :)