Love is a battlefield

I was studying this poem with my students today and it ended up in big conversations about how different in thoughts and feelings boys and girls can be. I thought that you all might like to read it and reminisce on your own experience :)

Advice To A Teenage Daughter - Isobel Thrilling

You have found a new war-game
called Love
Here on your dressing-table
Stand arrayed
brave ranks of lipsticks
swords of cherry pink and flame.
Behold the miniature armies
of little jars,
packed with the scented
dynamite of flowers.
See the dreaded tweezers;
tiny pots
of manufactured moonlight,
Beware my sweet;
Conqust may seem easy
but you cant compete with football,
motor-cycles, cars,
cricket, computer-games,
or a plate of chips.

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