I'd rather eat like a horse than drink like a fish...

Tis the season to be busy!

In just over an hour I'm going to be heading out to my fourth event of the weekend - seems crazy but that's the run up to Christmas! I had a BBQ with my work girls on Friday night, dinner with my cousin and her partner last night followed by drinks and dancing with my "usual suspects" and today we are heading to the joint birthday party of SB's dad and cousin. Over the next few weeks we also have my school's Christmas function, my department's End-Of-Year function, a catch-up BBQ with my mates from my business degree (class of 2006, woop) and SB's work function. There's also talk of attending a foam party at our local bar and I'm sure a few more catch ups with various groups of friends before Christmas!

What does this mean for my new conscious consuming? It means taking into account the opportunity cost of what I eat and drink. Last night I could have had the option to eat a salad for dinner and then drink the sum total of my remaining points... or I could take advantage of the fact that we were at a restaurant that makes delicious food and decide to stay sober. Can you guess which one I chose?

Consuming two sugarfree energy drinks before heading out dancing gave me the boot up the bum I needed and I'm able to enjoy a day today in which I don't feel seedy at all... kind of important when hanging out with SB's extended family LOL. I love my food too much to trade it in for a few midori and lemonades and right now I can't do both. It's really strange to have this new consciousness about what I'm putting into my body... but it's kind of awesome :)

Would you rather eat like a horse or drink like a fish?


  1. I think I'd choose the food...although if there was a really really tempting looking cocktail menu I might go back on my word!!! I'm just a food person and alcohol is nice but not necessary to have a good time (if you're a fun person) so I could go without - the morning after is much more fun that way!!
    I went to a bridal high tea yesterday and we got fed all sorts of bad for you food. I found myself saying no to every second offer of food and thinking more about what I was putting in my body. I exercised when I got home too. I love keeping track - it's so motivating! :)

  2. I'd much rather eat my calories than drink them which helped my decision several years ago to give up alcohol (not that I was a big drinker in the best of times). Nowadays I prefer to savour the flavour of both food and drink. It makes it easier to get through the silly season, too!

  3. Eat no contest as well, unless the situation I was going to be in involved a lot of people I didn't know then i'd have to go for the liquid courage! And i'd proberly eat as well because i'm mega naughty!

  4. Busy busy busy! It is still possible to maintain your healthy lifestyle while having heaps of fun though :-)

  5. Of course I'd rather eat then drink (ignoring the fact that I'm pregnant and thats the only option) I don't enjoy drinking too much I think it's just me growing up.....