Too much on my plate...

Figuratively, not literally.

Not literally because I'm making a change. Emotional binge eating has been part of my history since my teens and my body shows the results of this. It's not as obvious as the scars of a cutter but just as sad. In recent months I've come to some realisations about the triggers for this behaviour and I'm finally in a place where I feel strong enough to change it. To help that and to lose the excess of weight I have put on I started WeightWatchers on Monday.

So far, so good. It's making me a much more conscious eater - paying more attention to serving sizes and nutritional information (ProPoints are based on protein, total fats, carbohydrates and dietary fibre) as well as recording everything that I eat. I can actually see myself being successful on this plan and that's half the battle! Another girl at work is on the same plan and I think it is inspiring others... we're sort of a secret society with all our points lingo and our little black points calculators :D

All this made very challenging by a time of super-stress about employment... I'm very proud of myself for making it through two days and managing to not snarf down a takeout meal or a massive amount of calories. Now if I could get this sleep thing under control I would be golden!


  1. Best of luck! I just started watching my calorie intake again. I got that fitnesspal app on my new iphone and it's awesome :)
    I can't wait to see some progress - I feel motivated already (something that was slipping lately)!
    I hope that Weight Watchers works for you :)
    I am an emotional eater too (even though I don't like to admit it) so I guess half the battle is recognising it! Go you!!

  2. Sounds like you're on the right path, feeling positive & motivated makes a big difference. Sending happy thoughts your way!

  3. Good luck! I am a definite WW supporter.. I lost almost 20kg in 6 months and a year later have still managed to keep it off. Now just to get the remaining 5-10kg off! I sound like a cheesy ad for it, but it really does work. You can still have treats, it's just working out which ones are value for 'points' and will give you what you're after. Guilt-free!