Work - the final countdown!

Play this while reading (LOL):

Today was a crazy day! I bid farewell to two of my junior classes for good and was suitably chuffed by how upset they seemed. As much as some of them dislike school, they really are quite patriotic (?) and very unhappy that I am "deserting them" for a "school full of rapists". I would love to stay at current school but there is no place for me there.
(By the way, new school has no rapists as far as I am aware. Kids!)

After wrapping that up I skived off early to go on a tour of my new school so that I was not a complete ignoramus at the start of next year. Met up with the new boss, she seems equally as awesome as the first time we met. New job does come with a lot of perks - in the country, not surrounded by industrial manufacturing; opportunities for professional development and free lunches (it is a boarding school so they have to feed the boarders LOL). I think it's a fantastic opportunity for me to experience such a different environment early in my career and I can't help but think that all the disheartening experiences over the last few months all propelled me towards what I am meant to be doing.
Not that it's easy to see that when you're going through it :D

And with all that, Christmas is less than 20 days away! I've done the majority of my christmas presents and just have SB's parents left to shop for. Christmas cards are almost there too. Just as well because I may have just got myself into helping out at SB's work for the next month or so... don't know. Money in the bank if it happens, time on my hands if it doesn't. Have bought some wool to knit a gorgeous scarf for next winter if I do end up having my entire holidays free.

Will keep you posted, Scribblettes. Anything you are counting the final countdown to?


  1. Wow, sounds like you've got a lot to look forward to :)
    I am counting down to the day my hubby finds out if he gets a new job (at home where he doesn't have to leave me for half the year). I am also counting down until Christmas and the hubby being on leave for it (for once)!!!
    I love that I can finally enjoy this time of year after a hectic few years! :)

  2. "school full of rapists" ha!

    It sounds like your new job will be awesome though!