Quick Scribbles

  • On Monday, I went to weigh-in. No change. I was pretty pissed off with myself... one of the books I have read recently talks about hitting the wall at six weeks. I'm a little bit late, but think I hit it. However, this blog has really kick-started my motivation again. So many fab women who have made amazing changes, I can do it too!
  • It has really challenged me to get back into a schedule when I am out of the house the majority of the day - midmorning is now not an ideal time to exercise (I don't think my students would take too kindly to me excusing myself from the class to go for a run)
  • Professional development actually has value when done right - I've spent the last two days in workshops and they have definitely added value to both my professional and personal life. Funny that theories for interpersonal relationships in the workplace also have value in your home and social life!
  • I have a crazy weekend - crazy awesome but a bit daunting. It is SB Bro's birthday tonight, SB and I are attending a 50th tomorrow and I have a hen night on Sunday (we're going to the races - fun!).
  • I get a free lunch at school! Great for goal of getting out of debt, not so much for weight loss. I've been very careful over the last couple of days to control portion sizes and so far it seems to work :D
  • I am so excited for the school year to start! I know my students probably can't think of anything worse but hopefully my enthusiasm is contagious.

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