Goals Update - Feb 2011

Goals are nothing without accountability so I am updating how well I have done to date!

1. Lose 22 of the 31 kgs I have left to lose - only lost 1.4 kgs in January, less than expected. Amping my efforts up for February!

2. Get out of debt (apart from student loans) - I can definitely see the progress in this so far, feeling much more at ease. SB and I have also set a financial tone for the year so that we can reach our goals.

3. Organise a monthly social event with all my girls - All set for Wine Club this Friday!

4. Exercise at least three times a week - Have stuck with this aside from the week in which I had stitches in my arm.

5. Have monthly filing/organisational binges - having one this Sunday! I had hoped to have it on the last weekend of Jan but it was just insanely busy (three major events)

6. Take the stairs whenever possible - my attitude to exercise has definitely changed... I'm feeling more and more that it is something that I want to do.

7. Dry-brush before every shower - not 100% but I definitely feel better when I do, more energetic

8. Moisturise daily - again not 100% but definitely more than I used to. Can totally tell the difference in my skin!

9. Read 52 books this year - 10 so far!

10. Spend less than $60 per clothing item this year (except bras and dresses for extremely special occasions, ie. weddings) - all good so far! Have a wedding coming up this month and I'm waiting until the last minute to buy the dress. Hoping for a couple of really big loss weeks.

11. Make more - definitely trying to do more at home meals, make more of our own entertainment at home - it definitely helps with goal number 2!


  1. Sounds like you're doing really well - that's awesome!! :)

  2. Good stuff! They're great goals. I really need to have an organisational binge now and then too - I accumulate so much stuff that I 'might need' but never get around to putting them anywhere helpful should I need them!
    And making more homemade meals is a great money saver, especially if you have leftovers to freeze.