Working out?

One of my goals for this year has been working out (or exercise) at least three times a week. It's all very well accomplishing goals when you are buzzing and full of energy and activity but I knew the challenging week would be when all that disappeared.

This last week I have felt awful! I am on the pill for PCOS and I usually take it in six month bouts because quite frankly when I don't take it I feel scummy - persistent headache for about three days and the water retention of the Hoover Dam. I'm determined to hit my 5% weight loss goal on Monday weigh-in and knew three days out on the couch was out of the question. I needed to pull out my inner Jillian!

Anyone who has see The Biggest Loser knows that Jillian is far more scary than Bob. Usually my inner Bob works just fine... "Push it for another five minutes, you'll feel better for it, just think of how happy you'll feel when you see those (kgs) dropping" but I knew it wasn't going to cut it this week. I knew I'd defeat my inner Bob.

It was time to bring out my inner Jillian. On the treadmill, interval training..."Unless You Puke, Faint or Die, Keep Going!" "Do I look like the kind of person who gives a ****". I managed less than I would have liked but more than I could have imagined possible.

Sometimes you should be nice to yourself... but sometimes it works better to be just a little bit mean! It takes time to adjust to new habits and sometimes you need to give yourself a little kick up the arse when it feels hard to go on.

Your thoughts, Scribblettes?


  1. Totally agree with you! Sometimes when I am on the treadmill and have a goal, say 30 minutes...I get to 15 and my inner voice goes "Oh, you have hit 15, maybe thats enough for today - you could walk for a couple of minutes now if you wanted" - and I have to dig deep to my inner Jillian and scream "F***en MOVE that ass!" to make myself get, wheezing and huffing, to the 30 minute mark. I have to say - I always feel much better at the end. As a reward, I play myself this song in my cool down - the words really do it for me, and I thought they might work for you too - check it out:

  2. Haha. I have an inner Jillian too :) I use my inner Bob when I'm weighing myself but Jillian totally tells me what's what while I work out!! I know that to lose weight I have to ask a little more of myself than what feels comfortable! Then I can do just a little bit better each time :)

  3. Yeah it takes a lot of motivation to exercise! I'm terrible at it - haven't done it for a couple years (since I got preggers with Abby).
    Good on ya for what you've achieved so far!

  4. Did my Jillian Michaels DVD last night - she totally kicked my ass! Worse than that, she makes you kick your own ass. Haha.