Drive-by Cleaning!

After a lot of last week being a dead loss to me (PMS and Christchurch stress) I seemed to perk up on Friday after *ahem* losing the plot with some of my naughty students - sometimes it's just good to yell, right? I went out for a fantastic dinner (celebrating SB's and my birthdays) at a local Thai place with friends and woke up Saturday morning feeling more invigorated than I had all week.

Just as well, I had stuff to do.

After I'd plowed through the school work I needed to complete that morning (as an aside: anyone who says teachers work 9-3 deserve a punch in the face) it was on to tidying the house. It wasn't dirty per se... just a whole bunch of stuff was not in the right place and consequently the house had a cluttered and untidy feel. It took me about an hour to get the place in tiptop shape and I felt more relaxed once it was done. SB was so happy when he got home too - he's a little bit less slovenly than I!

It was then I decided that I would try and maintain the state of cleanliness in the house - it would certainly save the embarrassments of the past when SB's friends have come in to see my big frilly bras on the couch! So each night as I head to bed I have decided to do a drive-by cleaning of the lounge - no more than ten minutes just making sure that everything goes to a sensible home. Two bonuses here - tidy lounge and I'm more relaxed for bed!

Fingers crossed I can keep this up! Do you have any cleaning secrets?

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  1. They say a tidy house means a tidy mind. Also, I heard that having too much clutter means you're more likely to put on weight. Case in point: Watch Hoarders!!

    I am trying harder these days to clean my house so that I feel peaceful when I am home. It does work! I need a good system though - am going to give checklists and daily tasks a go. I am a list maker and I hope this will give me a sense of achievement!