Read in February... and the best part of a week in March

My reading definitely went down a few notches over the last month but I'm still happy with the amount of reading I managed to get done!

11. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
Definitely my favourite Austen novel, I think I identify with the heroine, Catherine, the most out of all the teen heroines of Austen novels... I definitely did some stupid things and let myself get carried away by mysteries!

Recommended to me by one of the Shrinking Violets, the book is a book that any woman with disordered eating (and not just an Eating Disorder) should read. Despite the title (which with my Christian background did not turn me off), this book is valuable reading for any woman who uses food as a crutch. It's really empowered me to assure myself that if hunger is not the problem then eating is not the answer

13. Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella
Something I assumed would be light and fluffy actually surprised me! The heroine faces the challenge of amnesia and coming to grips with her new persona. It made me question what my life would be like if all I had to go on was other people's perceptions of me.

14. The Cry of the Go-Away Bird by Andrea Eames
Ah, at last I got to read the book written by my dear friend Andrea! Having followed the progress through her blog, it was like getting to see a new baby after waiting ever-so long! Well worth the wait too! The characters stick vividly in your mind and you remember them with empathy long after you have put the book down. The book is now being passed through my department at work and I can't wait to get it back for a second read. Buy it now!

15. Queen Camilla by Sue Townsend
A bizarre novel set in an alternate universe where dogs are high intellectuals and the monarchy are kept in ghettoes along with the obese, the corrupt and the white trash! I started reading the novel thinking that it all sounded pretty silly but by the end I was dying to know what happened! Harry wearing a hoodie all the time to hide his ginger hair gave me a laugh too!

16. Cost by Roxana Robinson
A sad tale of a family falling apart in many different ways after the discovery that one of their sons is a heroine addict. While the writing was disjointed in places I found that the heart of the novel spoke of truth and how love can be shown in so many different ways

10 months to go, 36 more books to read!

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  1. Oh wow, I'm doing a book challenge too! I'm aiming to read 17 - 27 books this year! Good luck for yours! =)