Exercise - my goal nemesis

Remember my list of goals from the start of the year?

The hardest one by far this month has been exercise. I could make all the excuses in the book about migraines and massive bruises after blood donating and and work stress and life stress... and to a certain extent all of that stuff is true. It's also what let me get out of shape and flabby in the first place.

I can keep my diet under control for the most part (with the occasional addition of an exceptional fail - like the KFC chips today to satisfy my PMS salt craving) and I am losing weight... but part of the journey towards health includes exercise and becoming fit. It is my hope that I'll experience less fatigue and ill health as I get fitter and healthier... which means that I need to push through the fatigue and ill health now.

I did make it through a Zumba Sculpt and Tone work out this afternoon - 35 mins of an moderate intensity exercise. Thirty minutes of activity a day has to be the go from now on.

*In secret news today, there were discussions today of a position at work that would see me a lot more physically active next year... so I DEFINITELY need to get in shape.

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