Bits and Pieces

IRL Info:

  • At last Monday's weigh in, I made my WW check-point goal of 10 kg (since 22.11.10). This is 5.9 kg since I established my personal goals for this year; 26% of the way to my goal of 22 kg lost this year. Quarter of the way in just less than quarter of a year? I'll take that!
  • I had the most productive weekend last weekend - laundry is all up to date, washed, folded and put away; wardrobes and spare room pruned for excess stuff that has now been put aside for donation to friends or church; pantry and freezer cleared and restocked... and then last night SB and I helped rip out the church carpet as a new one is being put in this week
  • On that note, wear OLD clothes to rip out carpet - we severely underestimated how dirty/fluffy you get pulling out 30+ year old carpet!

Blog Related:

  • I had the best afternoon last Wednesday hanging out with my girl Sarah (of Yes and Yes fame) - we went to a chocolate cafe, got kicked out at closing and then moved onto a bar to finish chatting! If you don't read this wonderful lady's blog you should start!
  • Ms Poached Egg's post on The Shrinking Violets really spoke to me - I started tracking my eating on paper again last week but also made notes as to mood and body feel, it's honestly like getting to know your body all over again.
  • Congrats to eemusings on her engagement! It was delightful to hear her thoughts on engagement, marriage and the meeting of the families!

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  1. Congrats on all your weight loss progress! That's SO awesome!