Ladies who lunch...

Last Wednesday my mother and I went to Tea Royale at the Langham Hotel in Auckland City. The Langham is known for their fabulous high teas and it was something that both she and I had wanted to do. The Tea Royale was a special menu that they were hosting in celebration of the upcoming royal wedding and they had worked with with a local milliner, Natalie Chan, so that the area played host to a whole range of fabulous headpieces. The Winery (the area of the hotel set up for the high teas) has all these lovely armchairs that you just sink into... at least, I think it was the chair and not the glass of champagne!

The menu was amazing:
  • Yorkshire pudding with roast beef and horseradish cream
  • Profiteroles filled with goat's cheese and plum compote (A-may-zing)
  • Prawn and spring onion sandwiches (not a huge fan of prawn, loved this!)
  • Petite egg sandwiches with silver accents (don't eat egg so lucky Mum got two)
  • Honey and ham biscuit
  • Earl grey and orange marinated salmon with honey mustard sauce on pumperknickel
  • Pretty in Pink cupcake
  • Opera cake with a Baileys liqueur centre (quite strong on the Baileys :D)
  • Peppermint jelly on chocolate crunch (odd but delicious)
  • Royal vanilla creme brulee
  • Champagne mousse with cherry glaze
  • Fresh fruit tartlets with lemon curd
  • Pistachio macaroon with vanilla cream (was too full to finish, this got left out)
  • Freshly baked scones in "regal rose" and "rum & raisin" flavours with cream and marmalade (don't like raisins so I ate BOTH the regal rose... so crispy yet soft)
  • St Honore's vanilla cream with crunchy meringue, raspberries and lychees and a rose petal mousse (FAVOURITE)
In addition to that, we also got a glass of champagne and a pot of tea of our choice! For only NZ$59, that is a total bargain. An amazing experience and we WILL be back! Go there if you have the chance :D

This is not a sponsored post, we just had so much fun I had to tell you!


  1. Wow, that looks so good! Been wanting to go to a high tea for ages but haven't done it yet. If I was in Auckland I'd give this place a go definitely!

  2. I have always wanted to do High Tea!! Good on you ladies for going :)

    The menu sounds amazingly delicious! Especially the creme brulee!!!