Exhaustion... the Hollywood kind

Right now I am sitting on the couch in a flop... still using the heater to dry off washing (item by item) and blogging so I can't say that I am completely lazy but I know that I've sure run out of energy! Why so exhausted? A busy week last week followed by a fantastic weekend - I have nothing but an awesome life to blame for being so tired LOL.

First week of term is always a bit of an effort - even teenagers take a while to settle when they have had a change in routine. I still loved getting back into my routine - I guess I am a creature of habit :D Highlight of the week definitely had to be one of my students asking me where I worked! Bless him for thinking that I just did it for the fun of it :) I definitely was looking forward to the weekend, however, and this is why:

  • a dinner date with Leah, Bronwen and Aimee. The drive over to Takapuna was long (espesh in the rain) but was totally worth it. A bit devastated that Leah and Aimee are both heading overseas fairly shortly - top quality girlies!
  • a lunch date with SB - we went to C.A.C in Mt Eden. The food was delicious and the architecture amazing - a wonderful renovation of an old stone building. He then took me to MOTAT in the afternoon; bless the man, he knows he's dating a total museum nerd.
  • a surprise party for a friend's 25th - although I think that we've safely established that that particular group of friends sucks at waiting quietly! E was surprised though and that is the main thing.
  • a photo shoot on Sunday for Miss Melicious cupcakes - I'm going to be a cupcake cutie! This woman is seriously talented, not only does she make divine cupcakes but she did all the make-up and hair for the shoot. You can also follow her on Facebook!
  • a family dinner on Sunday - I love Thai food! And my mummy!
Very busy Monday didn't help either! SB woke me up this morning and I promptly went back to sleep - not a good start. All I have left to do on my list today is dinner, laundry and exercise so hopefully an earlier night for me tonight! Hard to complain about being tired when life for the most part is being pretty awesome :)

What's cool with you, Scribblettes?

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