Long in the keyboard...

This is my 399th post! That in itself kind of blows my mind - that I've written that much in what seems to me to be a short amount of time. It's really not though, I first started writing Scribbles back in the middle of 2008. Back then, I'd returned to university and was struggling through my first year missing my full-time income, working in an arts centre and reading extensively through my English-heavy arts diploma. I was still getting over my break-up with Ex-S, coming to terms with living at home and it was the year that Mama Scribbles was first diagnosed with cancer.

Now I'm a fully-fledged teacher and the days of study are behind me. I've met a wonderful man and we've been together over two years; he makes me realise what utter douchebags most of the guys from my past were. We live together (in sin LOL) in a house that we have made our home. Our friends' lives have changed too - marriages, babies, even the odd divorce or two. Mama Scribbles has been in remission twice and is learning to live with her cancer now as a chronic condition. I read back on my old blog posts with a smile for the me I used to be... I don't feel like that person anymore :)

At dinner the other week with Bronwen, we discussed how old we were compared to other bloggers... we're possibly the first generation ever to post our diaries online LOL. I don't know in future whether Scribbles will be the right avenue for me to continue on with... but I know that it suits me still for now. I love all of you that read and as such, be prepared for a massive 400th post!


  1. Congrats on the longevity of your blog (and all the life events that you have documented)!
    Don't say you're old bloggers - that would make me one too!!!
    I don't think I'll ever be able to give up writing - even if over time I get busier and busier.
    I changed blogs because of a new life chapter - I guess I'll be one of those awful "mummy" bloggers now so I guess you just slowly evolve and find new audiences/bloggy friends/followers.

    It's so great to look back on your life and see how far you've come, don't you think?

  2. I love blogs as a way to look back on how far you've come too, and it's so interesting to see how many changes you've had since the beginning.

    I'm looking forward to post number 400 (!) and more to come too! xox

  3. congratulations on 399!

    i love the comment "old compared to other bloggers ....." - imagine being me! eeeek!

    i follow several 18, 19, 20 year olds.
    makes me feel like a nana :-/