Monday Musings

  • As a teacher, I often wonder where we have missed out on teaching our young people to be independent. There seems to be a real lack (in all schools I have taught at so far) of social maturity, the ability to set goals and achieve them, the ability to monitor behaviour through self-evaluation. Students used to have it and now they don't - not to the same level. It leaves me a conundrum as a teacher - how do I even begin to change this?

  • The full SB and Scribbles immediate family met yesterday at a family lunch at C.A.C in Mount Eden. It's a middle Eastern inspired tapas restaurant and it is SO good. We wish it was closer to home - with great mocktails (better for weight watchers) and a variety of different and delicious food, it's well worth the visit if you are in the area.

  • Lululemon Athletica has opened in the central city! Absolutely loved visiting it with Mama Scribs and Little Sis Scrib on Saturday... now to get down to goal so I can invest in their fantastic sportswear!

  • We've booked the venue for our wedding... I don't think I realised how much that was stressing me out until I got home yesterday afternoon and CRASHED. I don't think I got off the couch for about three hours! In my defense, I did use the down time to work on pages for our wedding website (why pay someone else when you can create one yourself?)

  • I'm so excited about some big changes coming up in my friends' lives. We're all growing up!

  • I was having a text conversation with one of my darling Aussie friends; she thought I was being very level-headed about the whole wedding business. I'm super-excited (don't get me wrong!) about the big party and spending time with the people we love. In the end though, what matters is the marriage, the fact that I'll be a wife and that commitment that we're making to each other. Everything else is just icing (delicious, gorgeous icing).

  • On the subject of icing, has anyone had any experience buying jewellery off Amazon and getting it sent to Australasia? I would love to hear from you!


  1. There are just so many exciting things in this post I don't know where to start! Venue - YAY!!!! That is a major item in the bag and must be a huge relief.

    And so glad you loved Lululemon! The pants are amazing - make your butt look awesome, no matter what size, shape or length you are. Defintely try some on next time you are there!

    Ahhh this is just one BIG HOOORAY!! xx

  2. Ah! Excitement! When is your wedding? This year?!

    Tapas and mocktails sounds FABULOUS