Do you wanna know?

I've got to that awkward point a lot of bloggers reach when they have been writing for a while (and in my case, three years!). A big change comes in your life and it's quite consuming - for me this is the wedding. For Kez, it is having a baby. All of a sudden, your "lifestyle blog" may seem more like a wedding blog or a mummy blog and that's not the reason that your readers started reading in the first place.

Getting married is such a huge change in my life. I sat down to write this blog this morning and realised that all the neat stuff I wanted to tell you all was wedding-related. To be honest, the rest of the week was a bit of a shitter! A lot of what I mull over in my spare time is either weight loss and exercise related (and I already blog on the Shrinking Violets blog about that) or wedding/marriage/Mr & Mrs Scribbles future related. Herein lies the dilemma.

I can talk about the other stuff but on a week like the one that's just been that is just depressing. My mum is having a hard time with getting colds on chemo, my only grandma has been in hospital and had several complications, I had to break up a fight between students on Thursday - not only was I deeply embarrassed at their behaviour but I pulled a muscle in my back. One might say I'm trying to avoid the negative... and I totally AM. I don't want to really talk or even think about all of that stuff.

The stuff I'm loving in my life is booking vendors, developing a vision for our wintery wedding and trying out crafty ideas. Designing a relatively unique wedding band to go with my engagement ring. Talking with SB about our future, the wedding, the honeymoon and beyond. I guess my question to you all is "Are you interested about hearing about all that stuff? Or should I be keeping it real?"

I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I personally want to know :)

    I know what you mean though all of a sudden a blog can go from talking about anything and everything to only talking about a wedding or baby.
    People change in their different life stages and so do blogs, so just remember it's your blog!

    The occasional wedding post won't send your readers running i'm sure :)

  2. It's YOUR blog, so you should write what YOU want to! Even if you lose a couple of readers, you'd be happier right? I'd keep reading!

  3. I wanna hear about it all! What your blog is about is your life, and this is what is currently happening in your life! Plus, weddings are awesome :)
    But I'm gonna keep reading, no matter what you write about!

  4. Totally want to know!!

  5. I read your blog as I like the way you write and am interested :)
    I'll keep reading too!

  6. I agree with the gals above - its your blog and it should grow and change and evolve with you and your life. My blog has been reinvented as a weight loss blog, and now as a travel blog and to be honest - I am not really fussed about whether its what people want to read...its what I want to WRITE. Surely we all write for ourselves?

    OH, and I LOVE wedding things - so please tell us more!!

    Sorry to hear about the crappy things this week - totally focus on the good stuff if thats what you need to do :)

  7. I love your bloggings. I want to know what is on your mind and what you are willing to share :)
    I love hearing about people's wedding plans and all of that stuff. Life changes and evolves and that's OK! I've loved your blog before you got engaged and will love it just as much forever! *awww*

    I faced the same dilemma finding out I'm pregnant. I didn't want to lose what little "mass" appeal I had by becoming a bit baby-centric. I just figure I gotta keep documenting my life, my thoughts, my hilarity and if that involves my pregnancy at the moment, then so be it. Maybe I'll find a whole new audience!
    I also know that when something non pregnancy/baby related inspires me - it will be blogged too. I just hope my readers don't feel alienated - it's a tough one!

    Stay true to yourself, lady! xoxo

  8. Aww sorry to hear it's been a crappy week! You do get the good with the bad.

    It's great that your blog is evolving into new things! Me, I'll be blogging about dating for next 20 years or so... haha

    A winter wedding?!!? Lovely!! I can't wait to see all the decisions you two make. It's very exciting! I'm interested to hear :)