It's the small things...

Right now I am sooooo full of germs I sound like a pug! Yet instead of feeling down in the dumps I actually feel quite positive about things... weird, no? Maybe it's been the enforced down time, allowing my brain to sift through all that's been going on; maybe I'm just feeling less overwhelmed. Regardless, I'm not going to look an emotional gift horse in the mouth!

SB has been so wonderful with me being sick. He's sole charge at work, dealing with his family dog being seriously ill yet he has come home two nights in a row and cooked dinner. I am so blessed to have him in my life as both my best friend and my husband to be. Bearing this in mind, I got angus beef patties out of the freezer this morning so that he could make burgers tonight. We didn't have any buns but we live 200m from a bakery so I thought I would attempt the walk.

It's winter here so the weather can be kind of miserable - I can hear heavy rain as I type this. The weather was cold but fairly mild as I headed out on my mini-journey. As I walked along there was a light breeze but it didn't cause me to cough. The sun shone down on my face and I could almost feel my body lapping up the Vitamin D. I may have had a sore ear, a blocked nose and a phlegmy throat but in that moment I was pretty darn happy.

I'm hoping that this phase of happiness and positivity continues... I was pretty over feeling flat and blue!

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