Wedding Whammy #1!

The response from the post was that you all are interested in hearing about the wedding planning. I figure that once in a while I will do a big wedding post ("Wedding Whammy") and if you don't care to know the details, you can just skip :) Deal?

So here it goes!
When is it happening?
We've set a date - we're getting married on the 1st of June next year! We didn't want to leave it too long but we needed to save money towards the wedding and we also needed to give our international guests enough time to save and make arrangements as well!

Saving? Who's paying?
We're paying for about 60% of our wedding ourselves and are lucky to have generous parents that are helping us out with the rest. It's actually surprising how easily we are saving money each week towards it - what the heck was our (my) excuse before? The biggest conflict we have is what we think should come out of our wedding account. I've ordered a mixed box of cupcakes from Miss Melicious to try and I've paid for that out of my own account, not the joint savings, whereas SB thinks it should come out of the joint savings... with the deposits coming out for various things at the moment, I'm being tight with the wedding account!

What's your biggest splurge?
Definitely videography. I felt very strongly (and I can't deny that having a parent with cancer played a part) that I wanted a whole bunch of visual memories of the day. We didn't want to burden any of our guests with the job of filming the event so I looked up videographers. In the NZ market, it definitely seems that what you pay for is what you get! We decided to go with White and SB feels pretty confident with that decision after he met with them (yeah, the past few weeks have been pretty busy for me so he met with the videographer on his own!). With having a friend who is also a wedding photographer (and a pretty awesome one at that), we felt we could splurge a little bit more given we're not paying some of the more exorbitant prices for photography.

Why a winter wedding?
Because we couldn't have a small wedding, we decided to have a cheap one? LOL, just joking. One reason we chose a winter wedding was because our summers are so full with family birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, not to mention weddings of other friends as well. The discounts we've received through having a winter wedding sure are nice though! We're having our ceremony in the church that we attend and then the reception is in a large ranch-style house/reception venue so we're not terribly worried about what the weather is like.

Anything unusual?
We're trying to steer away from using flowers as much as possible. Winter means that that shizz is expensive. SB would much rather that he and his men had pocketsquares, not bouts. I then decided I really wanted to play up the wintery feel of our wedding and our bridesmaids will be carrying lanterns rather than bouquets into the church. One word for our centrepieces - pompoms (and that's all you get for now). I'm still yet to work out what I will carry... or whether I'll carry anything at all. I certainly don't need it to ward off evil spirits and I hope to spend most of the ceremony holding SB's hands!

I think that's enough of a whammy for now! Tune in next month to hear more!


  1. Wow, I LOVE the lanterns idea :)
    So gorgeous and unusual and totally fitting for winter!
    Thanks for the update - I love hearing about wedding plans!
    I know your wedding is going to be beautiful xo

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I'm so excited for you, miss! :) How e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g!

  3. Brilliant! I like the all in one wedding update :)

    Winter weddings aren't done too often, so I think it's wonderful you guys are tackling it. Like Kez, I love the lantern idea - something different! Yay! They'll have a nice glow :)

    The cupcake testing is for wedding day? Cupcakes instead of a cake? YUM!