Wedding Whammy - August Edition

It's been kind of a quiet month wedding-wise here...

  • Saving Money. Man, it feels like money has been tighter this month... a lot of irregular costs that I should have bargained for but just haven't. Just last week I had to pay $70 for the repeat of one of my medications :S Uncool. The money is still going into the wedding account but it means there's no spare money to chuck towards the extra expenses!

  • Rings. With the US dollar down against the NZD, we're seriously considering getting SB's ring on Amazon. Unfortunately the shape of my ring is making wedding bands hard to find and the only one that has suited perfectly is quite a bit more than I expected to pay! Hoping to find a cheaper wedding dress to balance it out!

  • Weight Loss. I currently have 6.9 kilos to lose by November if I am to make my dress goal! I am still feeling the WeightWatchers programme but the expense of meetings is killing my budget and I'm wondering whether to keep going. Accountability, good; accountancy, bad.

  • Save-the-Dates and Engagement Party invites. Going out this week! I would have liked to have sent them out earlier but I am waiting on return address labels from VistaPrint... note to self, don't order from their promotions as they are slow when overloaded! I've ordered business card sized product from them before and they were much faster.

That's pretty much it! I think we've hit one of those lulls that people talk about, where there's not a heck of a lot to do! Chugging along on my DIY projects and keeping that weight loss up is my focus for the month!

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